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Why Choose Exotic?


We here at Exotic Gardenz have carefully sourced only the highest and finest quality of cannabis cultivated by exotic growers from all over Canada to guarantee that our customers are sure to be more than satisfied. Each and every bud we package goes through a 5-stage organic lab test for Pesticides, Residual Solvents, Microbes, Types of Fungus, and Mycotoxins to ensure our customers are only consuming only the very best.


The current Canadian marijuana market is worth billions of dollars, and with everyone on the market today it has become quite competitive and frustrating to find what your looking for. We have been supplying many dispensaries and online mail order websites with the newest strains that are available across Canada for the last decade so you can place your trust in us without the worry of receiving an incorrect or false advertised product. Every package comes sealed so you know you are getting the freshest flowers possible!

In Depth Strain Info

Each and every strain we package, displays a scannable QR code that will bring you to another sector within our website allowing you to see which strain of flower you have, when it was harvested, along with the time it was packaged by us and much more.

We here at Exotic Gardenz are constantly striving for the upmost and highest quality of flowers. With our exlusive access to source some of the most rare flowers. We can guarantee you that all products are truly diverse and produced with the consumers best interest of mind.